Neo tourism

Following the changes in the economic, social and cultural paradigm of the last century, the form of tourism is changing as well. “Neo-Tourism” is a term that comprehensively describes the new aspects of such changes and diversification of the tourism. The “Neo Tourism” incorporates concepts such as ‘Sustainable tourism‘ which puts emphasis on the environmental sustainability and ‘Special Interest Tourism (SIT)’ which reflects postmodernismic social phenomenon.

The Origin of Neo-Tourism

Initially the term “Neo-Tourism” was generated to explain a form of tourism which has not existed before, to say, “New-Tourism”. However, with continuous advents of various types of tourism, it has become necessary to categorize those concepts in further details and eventually the “Neo-Tourism” has taken more concrete meaning as such including the essential key words in the category. Those essential key words are as follows.

Application of Neo-Tourism

The term of “Neo-Tourism” can explain the following types of tourism.

  • Tourism that satisfies individual interests and purposes appearing with post-modern social change
  • Tourism that avoids the environmental destruction and ensure experiencing the untouched nature
  • Tourism that manages various matters such as gathering information and making reservation through Internet

The term “Neo-Tourism” can be used from the suppliers’ point of view as well as the customers’ in the following concepts.

  • Creating a new type of tourism product by connecting tourism industry with other industries. (ex. Medical tourism, Edu Tourism)
  • Developing environmentally and socially sustainable tourist attractions
  • Utilizing IT technology such as internet and ubiquitous systems to promote and sale the tourism products


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